MDAO Token - Official Release

We are ready to present a very important MalwareChain project part on which we have been working for a very long time: MalwareChain DAO (MDAO)

Governance (DAO) token for the MalwareChain distributed antivirus project. It required for voting, rewarding masternodes and maintaining trading liquidity.

MDAO can be earned by staking MALW coins (via Wrapped MALW), as well as “yield farming” using UNISWAP liquidity pools (ETH,USDT) as in many DeFi projects, all this is implemented in the new web application MalwareChain Services .Beta

🤚 The first voting will begin in February 2021, the following questions will be raised for the community:  MDAO & MALW emission scheme (including percentage of yield pools and block reward),  masternode collateral size, listing offers on exchanges and platforms, proposals for marketing and bounty campaigns and much more. All detailed information about MDAO will be published and updated in the official MalwareChain Discord server.

Withdrawals of masternodes MDAO rewards, including what is received in the bot, will be available on November 9. Now we are awaiting listing on Coingecko (in the DeFi and Yield Farming sections) and in addition to UNISWAP on the Crex24 exchange, because we also need a MDAO/BTC trading pair.

  1. MDAO contract:
  2. wMALW contract:
  3. UNISWAP MDAO/ETH Trade Pair:
  4. UNISWAP MDAO/ETH Add Liquidity:
  5. UNISWAP MDAO/USDT Trade Pair:
  6. UNISWAP MDAO/USDT Add Liquidity:
  7. Yield Faming app:
  8. MALW <-> wMALW SWAP:
  9. Your Masternodes rewards app: