What is MDAO?

MDAO is an ERC20 token that will play several important roles within the MalwareChain ecosystem:

Governance token

MDAO holders will be able to participate in decentralized decision-making on the platform. Governance tokens are used by many DeFi projects. In order to vote on various changes to the protocol, token holders will need to send their MDAO to a specified smart contract address.


Incentives for regular users to interact with MalwareChain through the DeFi ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. This means providing liquidity to decentralized pools, using wrapped MALW tokens for borrowing and lending, etc.


Incentive for masternode owners. Our goal is to have a large and stable network of masternodes that will support the security and stability of MalwareChain. For an ecosystem based on masternodes, it’s very important that they stay online all the time or at least most of the time. Therefore, we will offer an additional reward to those masternode owners whose MNs remain continuously online for at least a month.


Token Specs

MDAO Token Specification

Virtual MDAO block every 10th Ethereum block (~2 min)
Max MDAO supply 157500000
Virtual block reward 400 MDAO
Token type Ethereum-based ERC20
Pre-mine no


  • Masternode owners
  • Development fund
  • MALW Staking pool
Need More Technical Info?

Learn our whitepaper


Exchange / Masternodes / MDAO

are web applications for interacting with MalwareChain Ethereum smart-contracts, which allow you to earn MDAO tokens, convert your MALW into wrapped MALW for staking and vice versa, as well as take part in voting on the most important questions of project development.