Our mission is

MalwareChain is a startup project to create a unique cybersecurity ecosystem.

Based on blockchain and rewards to it’s nodes, it will allow a huge number of users to be involved in the work of detecting and combating cyber threats, thereby opening up a new technological era.

Now our team is developing a decentralized high-tech anti-virus platform using the latest achievements in the blockchain industry. Using this platform, any user can not only protect their devices from most viruses and malware, but also get rewarded by launching their own nodes that will perform useful work for the network.

Benefits of Using the MalwareChain Ecosystem

in comparison with the traditional antivirus products

1. Accessibility
2. Cost Effective
3. Security and protection
4. User rewards
5. Endless scalability

Every member of the ecosystem can be rewarded

6 ways to earn MALW

Investing in masternodes

50% of block rewards

will be allocated to the owners of masternode shares and divided according to each investor’s share in the total pool and the amount of time that has passed since they joined.

Running a Scan node

Analyzing files and links uploaded by users

50% of the fee charged for each scanning operation. The final price for the scan of each file or website depends on the amount of data processed.

Proof-of-Stake mining

30% of the block reward

Requires a stake in MALW and a mining client, which can be installed on any device connected to the Internet (including a smartphone).

Operating a Discovery node

Crawling the web for new viruses and adding them to the library.

30% of the scanning fees are distributed among all nodes that added new threats to the database in a given period in proportion with each node’s input.

Developing new versions of the antivirus client.

Exciting Novelties

Each new client needs to be approved by the users who have a vote. After approval, the client can be used by any Scan node. Whenever a Scan node installs a specific client, the developer gets a small reward.

Bounty program

Free MALW for completing easy tasks

MalwareChain bounty campaign include sharing the official news posted by the project, publishing original posts about MalwareChain, creating video reviews and articles, posting on blockchain forums, etc.

Read White Paper to learn more


The structure of an ecosystem

MALW token

the system’s own cryptocurrency, used as collateral for masternodes and PoS nodes, as well as to pay out rewards.

Malware hunters

discovery nodes – users who work on detecting new threats

Threat library and the hashing algorithm

the complete database of threats and their hashes is stored in a decentralized fashion. Each threat and each scanned file have its own hash that serves as a proof that a check has been completed

Engine developers

users who design highly specialized detection engines for specific virus families and work on improving the basic client

Anti-malware nodes

scan nodes and the P2P scanning/matching algorithm. Users run the antivirus client (proprietary software for distributed threat analysis) to scan files uploaded by other members

Proof-of-Stake mining nodes

users who confirm transactions and add them to the blockchain every time a file is scanned for viruses and a reward is paid


higher-level blockchain nodes storing a full copy of the blockchain; they also carry out overall control of the system

Do a deep scan for only 1.0 MALW!

Antivirus web version MVP is already running

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specs, budget, mining

Coin Specifications

Ticker: MALW
Number of decimals: 8
Algorithm: Proof of stake + masternodes
Maximum total supply: 31 500 000 MALW
Pre-mine: 3 150 000
Block reward: 15.0 MALW
Masternode reward: 90%
PoS validator reward: 10%
Average block time: 60 seconds
Coin maturity period: 180 minutes
Blockchain: Proprietary blockchain based on PIVX
Masternode collateral: 10000 MALW
Minimum Input Age for Staking: 12 hours


  • Presale
  • Team
  • Bounties/Airdrops
  • Instamine (Blockchain support)

Block Reward

1 – 150000 MALW
2 – 6001 500 MALW (last POW block)
6002 – 580000 4 MALW 98% (3.92 MALW) MN 2% POS (0.08 MALW)
580001 – 2100000 15 MALW 90% (13.5 MALW) MN 10% POS (1.5 MALW)

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objectives, milestones and planned timeline

Researching the antivirus market, analyzing other blockchain antivirus projects, formation of the idea, hiring key team members
Analysis of the masternode investment market; planning of the project tokenomics
Development of the alpha release of the antivirus app
Work on the proprietary blockchain
Publication of the White Paper and launch of the official website
Wallet release
Antivirus web version MVP launch
MALW coin pre-sale
MALW is listed on 2 exchanges
Company’s legal registration
Finalizing the threat hashing algorithm
Work on the distributed threat library
Social Media Marketing campaign
Release of MDAO governance token
Enabling DAO (Network governance)
Launch of MDAO pools on Uniswap
Work on the wMALW wrapped ERC20 token
Staff expansion
Launch of the beta version of the app
Online scanner: attracting more users
Masternodes start earning DAO tokens
Release of the apps for Android and iOS
First votes on project governance by MDAO holders
Attracting developers to join the network and design new antivirus clients
First alternative antivirus clients are released
Developers of alternative clients receive first rewards
Work on the native apps for iOS and Android
First 20+ Discovery nodes join the network
Launch of the distributed threat library
Work on a decentralized storage solution for scan reports based on IPFS.
Listing on more exchanges
Target number of Scan nodes: 2500
Target number of Discovery nodes: 250
Target number of alternative antivirus clients: 5
Target monthly number of scanned files/links: 100 000
Development of reward distribution subsystem for Discovery/Scan nodes
Using blockchain for complete data storage

Q2 2019 Q3-2020


Q4 2020


Q1-Q3 2021

Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

MALW client wallet is an open source software

Download and Install wallet for PC

The MalwareChain wallet is compartible with all popular operating systems and is quick and easy to install!

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