Summer 2020 news digest

Friends, we have prepared a small news digest of the MalwareChain project: Small @Sovebot (MALW) changes:

By a popular demand new argument has been added to the mninvest command, now you can type mnivest all and all funds from your main wallet will be invested in shared masternode, you no longer need to copy the amount this applies to both Discord and Telegram bot

Since the bot’s coins pool has increased quite significantly, we decided to change the minimum amount for investing in a shared masternode, from tomorrow it will be 30 MALW, the required number of coins to get the @POOL investor role also increases to 40 MALW As many people noticed, we started to make giveaways in our Telegram I think that they will become more or less regular if we manage to attract more users.

Three important changes in our project about which we can already say with 100% certainty that they will happen until the end of this summer:

1. The new version of our online antivirus will include not only an improved file and web page scanner, but also the ability to invest, as well as a coin swap. Updated platform is ready and in the final test stage.

2. All of this functionality will be added to the mobile application, which will also be available after updated antivirus release, although initially it was assumed that we would make versions for both iOS and Android, now we understand that the Apple version is postponed to autumn.

3. One of the good exchanges (from top 100) with real trading volumes and traffic/users, ready to list our project as soon as all the formalities are settled, I am sure that by the end of summer we will see the opening of a new trading pair.

Thank you all for your attention and have a nice day!